Sunday, 14 July 2013

BE PREPARED TO BE ASTOUNDED: credit. April Starr /

As the days roll by, 3rd Round is just around the corner. Just like his previous albums, Kim Hyun Joong is going to present a new concept of himself -a reinvention of his image with new skills to boot. You have seen it in two teasers and more to come.He is never contented to just come back as an artist in his homeland without showing how much he has grown, how much he has honed his acquired know how.He is very much like an acclaimed and bemedalled general coming back from the battlefield in foreign lands with his winnings tucked under his arms. He comes back buoyed by the Hallyu wave and ought to be given full solid recognition.We know the field of entertainment is vast and full of aspirants with dreams and hopes like his of younger years. But Kim Hyun Joong is Kim Hyun Joong. His world almost in a parallel universe of hard work. And more hard work resulted in accomplishments of no mean feat. Now confident and steadfastly on his own- no longer of reflected glory of any one but that of his own making – in his own terms.Kim Hyun Joong made it solo in three years never afraid of pitfalls along the way, though there were obstacles and hazards as well as victories and fame. He embraced them all, adds them all to his remembered scars and pleasant memories.Jung must be right- It wasn’t what happened to him, but what he chose to become.In the album 3rd Round he has done his conquest for the nth time, loving his challenges almost like second nature, he will now be charging and fighting with all his might like a seasoned challenger or defender of the crown. He is going to arrive after all the exploration as TS Eliot said, to where he has started,and maybe know the place for the first time.But for the rest of us what shall we do ? What else but …Be prepared to be astounded. Be amazed. Be supportive.For our only one.

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