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Two South Korean soldiers have been seriously injured in a suspected mine blast at the border with North Korea, state media report.
The Yonhap news agency said the explosion happened as the soldiers were on a search mission in the heavily fortified demilitarised zone (DMZ).
The soldiers sustained serious leg wounds but were not in a critical condition, it said.
An army official ruled out North Korean involvement.
The 4km (2.5 mile)-wide DMZ is one of the world's most protected borders, separating the two Koreas which remain technically at war.

Korea, possible phone reception from the improvement = parents army life - Korean Media
July 31, 2015, according to South Korea, Yonhap News, South Korea Defense Ministry the same day, announced that until the end of the year, be paid 11 364 units a receive-only mobile phone in front forces and rural troops. Soldiers are installed one by one in each room of the facility to live, and that it can be used to clock-out and after a holiday. Ring and ball network reported.
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1) KeyEast:
Picture was taken on 7/25.
HJ was out on duty with another senior soldier and returned back to camp on the same day.
He was not on leave.
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2) According to KE HJ's photo circulated online was taken while he was out of camp on 25th.
He returned evening therefore not attending wedding
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Hyun Joong reads books, works out, & is healthy & getting along well wth other soldiers.
HJ works out a lot^^
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New delivery of letters to HJ in new role as Private by DC Gallery
★★★[notification] delivered 600 letters in the mailbox and email ★★★
★★★[알림] 자대로 사서함 및 이메일 편지 전달 ★★★
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【 Bulletin 】 [Kim Hyun Joong Gallery]
the biggest force in giving the soldiers ' letters ' from fans. please send us a letter for Hyun Joong
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Non-fan account about our uzoosin^.^
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Another nice account !
Translation credit : Aileen
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these non-Fan Accounts about our only One...KHJ:
Translation :
My brother said HJ was nice. Signatures are prohibited but HJ secretly gave him one. HJ also gave him soap and even said happy birthday. He said HJ is training well and has a good personality.
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Kim Hyun-Joong, recruits for training graduation ceremony photo ...
'Thumbs up'
Kim Hyun Joong, College of Education Recruits Graduation photo ... 'dignified thumb' http: // www.
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2015년 5월 12일 입대▶6월 18일 훈련소 퇴소 2015년 5월 12일 이병▶8월 12일 일병 진급▶2016년 3월 12일 상병 진급▶10월 12일 병장 진급▶2017년 2월 11일 전역 이병 3개월▶일병 7개월▶상병 7개월▶병장 4개월
Kim Hyun Joong to Serve as Border Patrol in Army
[article excerpts]
Singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong will be carrying out his military service as a border patrol.
Kim Hyun Joong entered the army on May 12, and has since been going through basic training. According to a source in the military, he has now received orders to serve in the city of Paju, Gyeonggi-do, which is located just south of the border with North Korea.
On the morning of June 18, Kim Hyun Joong attended a ceremony that marked the completion of his basic training at the 30th division recruit training center. On June 19, he will be heading to Paju, where he will take up his post as a border patrol with the 30th division.
Normally, soldiers are permitted to go on leave for a brief period or visit with their families or friends after their completion ceremony. However, according to the military source, Kim Hyun Joong and other soldiers will not be able to leave the base or have family or friends come visit them due to the MERS scare.
Kim Hyun Joong is expected to be discharged from military service on February 11, 2017.
source: httpa//httpa//httpa//httpa//httpa//www.soompi.com/…/kim-hyun-joong-to-serve-as-border-patrol-…/
"Most prestigious posting for a South Korean soldier"
Inside the DMZ
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[Backgrounder]on Paju 30th Mechanized Infantry Division where KHJ will be stationed starting tomorrow, June 19th

- Creating a healthy army life -
On December 3, the city held a meeting with the 25th Infantry Division to promote mutual cooperation, and signed an agreement to launch the ‘DMZ Paju Hope Camp,’ a visiting counseling program, to provide soldiers carrying out their military service in Paju with a healthier and safer army life. Currently, five percent (about 20,000 people) of the population in the city are soldiers. As Paju is located in the northern region of Gyeonggi Province -- close to the Military Demarcation Line -- and as there have been a number of incidents of concern recently in the military, the demand for mental health counseling programs for soldiers who have trouble adjusting to military life has emerged. For this reason, Paju will be running the ‘DMZ Paju Hope Camp,’ which will be the first time a local government in Korea has led this kind of an initiative.
The camp, which has been promoted to build a community that embraces soldiers as citizens of Paju, will form a partnership with five specialized counseling agencies (Unlimited Care Center, Mental Health Center, Addiction Care Center, Mindlle Hospital and MyungSung Hospital) to help emotionally unstable soldiers adjust to military life, to develop professional counselors by educating army executive members, and to provide suicide prevention education. It will not only lead communication by providing mental health counseling to soldiers who need special attention, helping normal soldiers adjust to military life and providing counseling for future paths, but also provides comprehensive military welfare services such as helping people who need welfare services to avoid falling “into the cracks” in the system, and helping soldiers carry out their military service safely in association with the hope welfare support team for underprivileged soldiers.
Paju has been providing counseling to the five artillery units at the 30th Mechanized Infantry Division since September 2014 (65 soldiers counseled five times/37 soldiers counseled once, 28 soldiers counseled continuously) and its assistance has been well received. Meanwhile, the ‘DMZ Paju Hope Camp’ agreement will also be signed with the 9th, 1st and 30th Divisions, and the program is expected to significantly contribute to helping soldiers performing their military service in Paju to have a healthy and safe army career.
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Kim Hyun Joong completed recruit soldiers training turn as guard service for 20 months
金贤重完成新兵训练 转警戒兵服役20个月
Kim Hyun Joong, attended today's ceremony,assigned as Sentinel soldier
김현중, 오늘 수료식 참석, 경계병으로 자대배치
[Sports Seoul] actor and singer Kim Hyun Joong is expected to be assigned in the Sentinel group.
Kim Hyun Joong, according to military officials received the valence band placed in Paju 30, four subordinate units.
Kim Hyun Joong will go to Paju 19 days after completing the 18 am ceremony Recruits College of Education.
Last month, Kim Hyun Joong was also enlisted announce that we adapt to military life gotta clear picture of the public smiling in training periods.
source: httpa//httpa//httpa//httpa//httpa//www.sportsseoul.com/…
Kim Hyun Joong,actor in military service as a guard soldier.
Kim Hyun Joong recently, was assigned to the 30th Division under the control of the troops of Gyeonggi Paju. Kim Hyun Joong is at 18 am 11, will attend the closing ceremony to be performed in the 30th Division recruits Education Corps of Gyeonggi Goyang. Go to the Paju on the 19th, to work as a guard soldier.
In addition, Kim Hyun Joong will be demobilized on February 11, 2017.
source: httpa//httpa//httpa//httpa//httpa//headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl…

【Kim Hyun Joong completed recruit training & entered to guard soldiers service】
Kim Hyun Joong graduation will be held today 11:00 located in Goyang City, 30th division recruits education teams participate in recruit graduation ceremony, and tomorrow go to Paju, located in Paju first 30 division troops as a guard of soldiers serving until February 11, 2017
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