Wednesday, 7 August 2013

General News about The Unique: Kim Hyun Joong.

Kim Hyun Joong will temporarily replace TVXQ‘s Changmin, who was unable to participate in the recent filming of ’Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education‘ due to scheduling conflicts.
 Kim Hyun Joong came to the rescue to fill in for Changmin and received training starting on the 7th, and will continue to carry out the badminton mission with the cast for the next 3 weeks.
A representative stated, “Due to his overseas schedules, Changmin was inevitably unable to film ‘Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education’. But starting next week, [Changmin] will return to the show and he will be able to participate in the games as normal. Since Changmin has high enthusiasm for badminton, he is very regretful that he won’t be able to train with the Korean national athletes at the Taeneung Training Center.” 

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According to the news Kim Hyun Joong replaced Changmin on ‘CoolKidsonTheBlock’.
On last 7th, Kim Hyun joong has met ‘CoolKidsonTheBlock’ team first time and began to train. It is revealed Kim Hyun Joong and production team have been discussing the proper chance for his appearance on the show. Kim Hyun Joong is planning to make a appearance at ‘CoolKidsonTheBlock’ and join the badminton mission around for 3 weeks.

김현중 #YourStory 【Another News 】 Kim Hyun Joong and ‘CoolKIzonTheBlock’ team have trained at Taerung training center with the national team members to prepare the 4th badminton match on coming 21st. It is said Kim Hyun Joong showed off his athletic ability through the badminton (practice). The source said on the day, “Kim Hyun Jong is known to be very athletic and he’s going to participate in the show as a badminton member for the next 2 weeks.”

Actress Lim Soo-hyang, “she became the final choice” for work in the drama Generation of Youth” on KBS.with Kim Hyun Joong.


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