Friday, 13 December 2013


sources: hyunnies
1.     Kim Hyun Joong hints at the intensity awaiting in ‘Generation of Youth’ with his battle scars in character cuts
2.    Upcoming KBS 2TV drama 'Generation of Youth' unveiled sexy character cuts of its cast!
3.    Kim Hyun Joong, Lim Soo Hyang, Jin Se Yeon, and more looked like they popped out of a classic action-crime film at a studio in Nonhyeondong, Seoul last month. The SS501 leader made his fighting spirit especially sexy with his charisma and battle scars. Lim Soo Hyang and Jin Se Yeon also bared some skin but gave off a different vibe with sexy and cute charms, respectively.
4.    It has been reported that `Inspiring Generation` is already sold to United States and Thailand. Also, been receiving love calls all over the world and is now under negotiation in buying the drama.
The next shooting scenes is in Hongdae, Icheon, Maseok, Jecheon and Ganghwa Island starting tomorrow til the 16th.
5.    Kim Hyun Joong portrays Shin Jung Tae who assists Korean nationals in their independence fight against Japanese invaders. The tumultuous nature of the drama is illustrated by the hardened and scarred faces of Kim Hyun Joong and his co-stars. In the photo teaser, Kim Hyun Joong appears with a darkened face and serious gaze.  Female stars Lim Soo Hyang and Jin Se Yeon appear stunning in as a geisha and young starlet, retrospectively. Kim Hyun Joong has previously starred in the Hallyu sensation Boys Over Flowers opposite Lee Min Ho and in Playful Kiss. Inspiring Generation will replace Pretty Man which will conclude airing in January.
6.    Kim Hyun Joong is looking tough and macho as street fighter Shin Jung Tae in the newest stills for his upcoming drama "Age of Feeling."
In real life he's the same guy he always was. He still has a great sense of humor, likes to read mangas and plays soccer, but his image as an idol and actor has undergone some serious readjustment.
The 28-year-old actor is no longer sending out the flower boy vibes that he exuded in his first acting role, as the sensitive Yoon Ji Hoo in "Boys Over Flowers." That character had long locks of hair and frequently disappeared to play romantic music on the violin.
7.     The Korean singer Kim Hyun Joong has opened his sina weibo account, and have more than 2.9 million followers, most of them are Chinese netizens. On April 20, 2013, Lushan County in China's Sichuan Province suffered huge loss after a 7.0 earthquake. As soon as Kim Hyun Joong learned of this news, he donated 100 million Korean won and didn't reveal it to the public. When donation recipient published his donation info online, Kim Hyun Joong received compliment from fans. They united through internet, donated money and goods in the name of Kim Hyun Joong, sending their love and blessings to people in the stricken area.
8.     "Inspiring Era", received strong interest from Singapore Content Market – 2013.12.11
With attention to the drama starring Kim Hyun Joong neunde higher the popularity, success as a singer and entertainer as a lead actor Kim Hyun Joong has grown beyond Asia to GLOBAL STARDOM day is not far seems to stretch.

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