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1.     @AlienPrinceKHJ / 2013.12.23
         ISH: "During shooting for action scenes, HJ already harshly treated me like I'm a man.
         HJ: "What, you're no different than a man.."
2.     @loving_khj 31m
         They're starting the morning shoot and it is KHJ'5th day in Shanghai.
3.      @khjbelinda
          RT @4everhyun Chinese Fan`s gift to Hyun Joong and staffs many presents.
4.     @AlienPrinceKHJ 23m
        4 years as a fan, I've heard nothing but praises for Hyun Joong's personality, attitude, manners, and               work ethic. Mighty proud! ^^
5.     @june_chapelle
        #김현중 Anecdotes from Shanghai Film Park ^^
       Staff at the film park said Kim Hyun Joong was rather professional, usually the other actors will have        to be in place, and everything is deemed fine, before the leads will make their way over. However,          oppa always made his way over at the start, and waited for other actors
       Can imagine HJ doing the above ^^ Recalled one of the few Barefoot Friend episodes which he had        to missed... how surprised some were when they thought he was late

[News] Kim Hyun Joong And Im Soo Yang Posed for the Camera

김 현중 감격시대 【En Trans Article】'Inspiring Generation' Kim Hyun Joong and Im Soo Hyang, unexpectedly intimate to pose for the camera. 'Chemistry Generation'
In the photo, revealed on 23rd, Im Soo Hyang was holding up the V sign with red blanket wrapped around her in the cold weather and Kim Hyun Joong casually draped his arm around her shoulders.
There was no malice young Kaya any more, just innocent Im Soo Hyang smiled and Kim Hyun Joong was friendly to her like to his old friend. They had unexpected chemistry together not as a couple of the drama, but as an intimate 'aegyo' couple.
김 현중 감격 시대 【 En Trans artículo 】 ' Inspiring Generación ' Kim Hyun Joong y Im Soo Hyang , inesperadamente íntimidan para posar para la cámara. ' Generación Química '
En la imagen, publicada el 23 de diciembre de 2013, Im Soo Hyang mostraba el signo V envuelta en manta roja en el frío y Kim Hyun Joong casualmente le pasó los brazos por los hombros .
No había malicia en la joven Kaya, es más, simplemente inocente Im Soo Hyang sonrió y Kim Hyun Joong fue amable con ella como un viejo amigo. Tenían química inesperada juntos no como pareja del drama, sino como un ' aegyo ' pareja íntima.

Im Soo Hyang said "We had rehearsals of action scenes, so Kim Hyun Joong treats me hard like a guy." Kim Hyun Joong made a quick response, "Well, she's same as a guy" and his agreeable response made people burst into laughter. The two added "but we will definitely show heartbreaking love in the drama, please look forward to seeing it."
Im Soo Hyang dijo "Tuvimos ensayos de las escenas de acción , por lo que Kim Hyun Joong me tratò como un tipo duro" .   Kim Hyun Joong respondiò ràpidamente : " Bueno, ella es como un hombre " y su respuesta agradable hizo que las personas se echaran a reír .
Los dos añadieron " pero definitivamente vamos a mostrar amor desgarrador en el drama , por favor, estèn pendiente de ver el drama. "

The production company Ray&Mo's source said "Too bad it's not enough to deliver with camera those two actors' unexpected chemistries at the shooting location, but I guarantee people will fall in love with Kaya and Jung Tae Im Soo Hyang and Kim Hyun Joong play as."
La compañía de producción del drama Ray & Mo dijò: " Es una pena que no se pueda trasmitir a travès de las càmaras esa inesperada quìmica con la grabaciones, pero le garantizo que la gente se enamorarà de Kaya y Jung Tae cuando Im Soo Hyang y Kim Hyun Joong desempeñen sus personajes."

However, KBS 2TV 'Inspiring Generation : The birth of the GOD of battles' is a huge scaled with first-class action, set in 1930's Shanghai, portraying love, loyalty and friendship of 'romantic fighters' from Korea· China· Japan.  It is planned to premiere in January 15 following 'Pretty Man'.
Eng translation cr: @howlovelylala
Sin embargo , KBS 2TV ' Inspiring Generación : El nacimiento del DIOS de las batallas ' es un drama a gran escala con ACCION de primera clase , situada en Shanghai de 1930 , que retrata el amor , la lealtad y la amistad de "luchadores románticos ' de Corea · China · Japón . Está previsto su estreno el 15 de enero despuès de  'Pretty Man ' .

Eng traducción cr: @ howlovelylala

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