Saturday, 7 September 2013

Some tweets from the event "OUR CITY & BMC" IN CHENGDU, CHINA.2013.09.06

 KIM HYUN JOONG @ Our City & BMC event in Chengdu, China – 2013.09.06

  Tweet Bits  Credit:  Zi Qi ‏@wangziqi

Wow, a male fan even kneeled on the floor asking KHJ for autograph!? KHJ saw this, helped him to get up first then signed for him

 During finale stage, firstly a male staff went to hug KHJ, then.. almost all male/female staffs/performers went to hug KHJ!

 In short, KHJ has gained lots of fans (many are males) from this trip

Fan Account  Credit:  Henecia 婷婷  via Chris Lyn ‏@CLynHJ

[Fan Account] Met interpreter at the hotel. She mentioned that security at the AirPort refused HyunJoong’s request for normal exit .. because of crowd & chaos that happened last time he was there. After he got in the car HJ told her must meet the fans! So they sat in the car & waited for the fans. Alas many were still inside the Bldg so only a small portion of fans got to see him.


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