Tuesday, 14 January 2014

STREAMING GUIDE FOR INSPIRING GENERATION / http://hyunniespexers.wordpress.com/2014/01/14/streaming-guide-for-inspiring-generation/

Streaming Guide for INSPIRING GENERATION !!!

by crazy4hyun
[KHJ] Inspiring Generation on KBS2 will be airing its premiere on 15th January 2014, every Wednesday-Thursday night at 10pm KST. It's a 24 episodes drama, which will approximately air for about 12 weeks until end of March. Excited, aren't we?
For fans who wish to catch the premiere live, below are the links/methods to stream live to KBS2:
1) Stream via official KBS channel: http://able.kbs.co.kr/live/index.html
Click 2TV to stream KBS2 live.
- You will first need to create a KBS account (if you haven't had one)here:
** ID verification will take about 2-3 days or further in some cases. So it's best you start creating a KBS account now
2) Stream via here: http://55556.com/tv/2021/
- You will need to download VLC player plugin beforehand
3) Stream via Fengyunzhibo:http://www.fengyunzhibo.com/tv/17803_1346064088384.htm

Lastly, if you couldn't stream the drama live, you may want to watch it a little later after. Below is the site where all Korean dramas, variety shows and MVs are uploaded daily, 1-3 hours after they were broadcasted on TV. They will provide links to the shows either Youtube, Dailymotion, Tudou or Youku version. It is without any substitles.
This is a direct link to the drama section. Search for 감격시대 (Inspiring Generation) on 15th January onwards if you wanna watch the drama after it has been broadcasted on TV/live.
Link: http://shopagent.co.kr/bbs/board.php?bo_table=drama#body
Enjoy everyone! And all the best for Inspiring Generation! 30% viewerships rating and above for free Jaksal Chicken on April 3rd and for the love and support KHJ!!! Gogogo!!! ^^
(P/S: don't think online live streaming will contribute to the viewerships rating but HWAITING!!!)
(P/P/S: Fans are preparing the supports for the drama press conference on 9th January, so do look forward to that)
(P/P/P/S: Please save this link if possible for I may delete this tweet when I'm clearing with tweet list. Bloggers or fans may repost this if you wish.)
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